T25 Turn-Key Engines

The Volkswagen Transporter third generation (also known as “T3” in Europe, “Vanagon” in USA, “T25” in uk) is a charming rear engine van built from 1979 to 1992. It was built with three different engines during its decade : the air-cooled gasoline, the water-cooled gasoline and the Diesel.

Atelier Eugène, a little French company based in Paris, we decided to focus on the Diesel range, to provide T3’s addict a wide variety of turn-key engines or components. From the stock engines to the newest TDI, be sure to find your needs.

Original 1600 engines

Upgraded 1900 & TDI engines

DIY parts for 1900 & TDI conversions

Hacks we love

We love retrofitting. A marriage of the vintage 80’s and the latest technologies. Of course, we do a lot around the engine, but not only. If it can enhance a T3 by a way or another, be sure we will speak about it !

As we like to share our discoveries, you will find a lot of useful information to do the same at home ! If you have questions or suggestion to our different projects, please use the comment forms to do it.