About Power Steering

The Volkswagen T3 could have been ordered with the power steering option. The techninal solution provided by VW is a classic hydraulic system, which is the best option in the 80’s. For those who want to retrofit their manual steering to the original T3 power steering, here you’ll find the parts and references to do it :

  • Steering wheel : when powered, the steering use a smaller steering wheel (420mm instead of the classic 450mm). Reference of the 420mm : 251 419 651 B
  • Steering shaft : while the side from the steering angle unit is the same, the side to the steering rack is splined. Reference needed : 251 422 753
  • Steering rack : 251 422 061
  • Hydraulic pump : 251 422 155 A
  • Support : You need 3 differents parts :068 903 144 A + 068 903 152 A + 068 145 513 A
  • Belt : 763mm lenght, 100mm wide : 068 145 271 C
  • Fluid Reservoir : 251 422 371
  • Hoses : Original parts was in steel, which corrode. Best solution is now to replace all in rubber. No reference exist, the best way is to custom a kit (you wiil need 3 pices : 2 extra long from engine bay to front steering rack, and a little one from pump to reservoir). Actually Brickwerks have a kit, I think ii is the best solution.
  • Hardware : To fix everything, you will need bolts anf clamping collar, I not detail them

I think you understand why finding everything in this list will be a long journey. That’s why the best solution these days is to prefer an electric system. On this option, no modification in the engine bay, you can keep the origine non-powered steering rack (yeah !), and best of all, bolt-on kits exist on internet !

In a future post, I will explain you how to install this electric power steering system 🙂



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